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            本工作室將完全站在消費者及包裝使用者的角度上引進包裝技術和研發包裝產品,努力做到將包裝細致化、人性化與合理化。例如,本工作室將致力于解決包裝商品運輸過程中商品的安全保障問題、消費者得到包裝商品時包裝不易打幵的問題、傳統紙箱包裝不易人工搬運等看似細節但嚴重影響消費者購買感受的問題。所以本工作室的理念是“專注于解決你感受 得到而想不到的問題”。最終,本工作室希望通過包裝達到自身“包裝,裝載愉悅”的企業價值。

            Beijing Hupo Packaging Studio is based on and invested solely by Beijing Carton Factory.The studio is committed to building a brand new packaging service by making use of the well-known industry status as well as our rich domestic and foreign resources.At the same time, this studio introduces advanced technology domestically and internationally, and innovative design to establish a new packaging service mode.For example, by using the film cartons for valuables, our studio provides safer, more efficient and eco-friendly goods logistics and transport packaging. 

            In addition, the studio focuses on product design and development, as well as product sales by establishing a low cost and great benefit business model to accelerate the withdrawal funds and lower the investment risk. Besides, the studio relies on Beijing Carton Factory’s rich resources in the industry to guarantee both short term and long term growth, also the studio would be a unique remarkable brand for Beijing Carton Factory. 

            The studio not only carries out the fine tradition and great advantages,but also applies principle of integrating development with modern Internet and high-tech modern society.As an old Chinese saying goes, “one should master the environment, society and history to create a philosophy of one’s own”, it is our goal to become a leader in the new packaging industry by inheriting the spirit of craftsmanship and integrating with globalization trend. 

            The studio works entirely of the customer’s perspective to renovate the packaging technology, develop packaging products,and make more detailed, humanized and reasonable packaging.Our studio emphasizes on handling of details that considerablly lowers the satisfaction of customer, such as the safty of goods, the difficulty to unpack the package, or inconvenience to lift carton by bare hand. Therefore, the philosophy of the studio is to “working on solving the unexpected problems that you can truly experience”.Meanwhile, the studio intends to achieve its own enterprise value by implementing “Packaging, packing the pleasure”.

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